1. Each chapter must be sponsored by an authorised Harley-Davidson dealer (Sponsoring Dealer). The decision to sponsor a chapter shall be undertaken solely at the dealer’s discretion.
  2. An authorised Harley-Davidson dealer may sponsor only one H.O.G. chapter.
  3. The Sponsoring Dealer shall have absolute authority to require that the sponsored chapter conducts its operations and activities in accordance with the Sponsoring Dealer’s standards. The Sponsoring Dealer shall require the chapter to operate and conduct activities in accordance with this charter and any other H.O.G. operating policies.
  4. The Sponsoring Dealer shall have authority over, and approval rights regarding, the content of all chapter publications.
  5. The Sponsoring Dealer shall be authority over any and all matters pertaining to chapter membership.
  6. The Sponsoring Dealer may establish chapter fees, which shall be used solely to pay or defray the cost of chapter administration.